Inspired by my grandmothers, whose jewelry was passed on to me, I started Bea Millen (BM) to make that tradition available and accessible to everyone.

I launched the line after leaving my job at Cosmopolitan magazine, where I styled and produced cover and fashion stories. In my time there, so much jewelry came across my desk that I couldn’t find the value in, so I set out to change that.

I run a small business and have long-standing relationships with vendors that go back as far as 40 years (thanks to my dad, who has been in the business since before I was born), which allows me to offer fair pricing for top-quality pieces.


Whether you are buying hoops on the website or having a custom engagement ring made, I’ll be the one handling your shopping experience — from designing your ring setting to packing and shipping out your order. I also offer concierge services for engagement rings and fine jewelry shopping, where I walk you through the jewelry making and buying process to make it simple, transparent, and fun.

BM curates jewelry for all the people in your life, and for any occasion — engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, births, baby showers, holidays, and ‘just because’ moments between lovers and friends. Jewelry is sentimental and can tell a story that lasts for generations. Thanks for letting me be a small part of your story :)

Danielle, Founder

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